Artisan Hand Crafted Designs

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Interior Home, Clothing, Accesory & Jewelry Designs
Artisan Hand Crafted Designs

Hand Crafted Decor

Woven Baskets & Wall Art
Artisan Hand Crafted Designs

Fine Jewelry Collection

Cuff bracelets, Earrings, Anklets
Artisan Hand Crafted Designs

& Bloused Collection


Here you will find unique indie boutique items, such as fashion finds, candles, hand woven home décor, as well as finely crafted jewelry and wellness items! Our selections will pair well with your daily lifestyle.

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Our boutique offers  the latest designs. Items from hand-painted candles & custom jewelry, to hand woven home décor & handbags. We offer Fair Trade custom made items, crafted by global designers, for distinctive style.